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About me

Ryan Gibson
Ryan Gibson
Quantitative Analyst | Computer Scientist
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Hi! I’m Ryan

I am currently working as a Quantitative Analyst at Wells Fargo, primarily focusing on risk model research, development, maintenance, and monitoring. In much of my free time, I work on mathematical, statistical, and programming hobby projects.

Feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or ideas and I’ll try to respond reasonably quickly!

Some of my interests

In university, my education was in Pure Mathematics and Computer Science with research interests including

  • 🕸️ Network Science
  • 🚅 High Performance Computing
  • 🔐 Cybersecurity
  • 💽 Operating Systems
  • 🔋 Microarchitecture

More recently, I’ve been additionally working on

  • 🤖 Machine Learning
  • 🧮 Numerical Analysis

Some projects on GitHub

Feel free to look through my repositories list on GitHub (many are private), but I’ve linked some projects in the images below!

Steganography illustration ModularityPruning illustration FPGA-Asteroids illustration DRRRT-motion-planning illustration