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On the Time Burden of Office Work
Time-Management Remote-Work Return-to-Office
How much of a pay cut is in-office work compared to remote? All else being equal, maybe a bit more than you’d expect.
Deriving Analytic Retirement Estimates: A DIY Approach
Investing Retirement Derivation
Take a DIY approach to calculating rough retirement timelines. No need for fancy services – roll your own, either for a secondary sanity check or out of curiosity!


Analytic Early Retirement Calculator
Investing Retirement Early-Retirement Interactive
A retirement calculator that estimates your retirement timeline, required annual savings, and assesses your progress toward retirement goals.
Animated Cellular Automaton QR Codes
Qr-Codes Cellular-Automata Video
An experiment in using randomized cellular automata to generate QR codes that remain valid on every frame.
The Importance of Saving Early for Retirement
Investing Retirement
A 22-year-old college graduate that saves $300/month will have more in retirement than a worker who starts saving $1,100/month at 40 years old. Let’s talk about it.
Absurd Password Lengths and the Computational Limits of Humanity
Cybersecurity Passwords
A discussion of password strength, brute-force attacks, and the physical limits of the universe.
Tips on Creating the Smallest Possible QR Codes
Qr-Codes Programming
Some brief tips and discussion on how to make tiny QR codes with a focus on web URLs.
Steganography: Hiding Data Inside Data
Steganography Programming Github Cybersecurity
A general introduction to hiding information in plain sight, its uses in the real-world, and how it works in digital mediums.
Alternate Domain Names
I considered several domain names before settling on the current one for this website, which are listed here.